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InVyomma test

InVyomma test focuses on gut microbiome profiling, including analysis of short-chain fatty acids.

The gut microbiome contains ≈100 trillion micro-organisms, which encode over three million genes producing thousands of metabolites, which replace or modulate many of the functions of the human host.

Constituents of the GM have been shown to interact with one another and the host immune system in ways that influence physiological homeostasis and the development of disease.

Disruption of the delicate balance of commensal bacteria is seen in the setting of what is often referred to as dysbiosis, a somewhat ill-defined state characterized by a less diverse and less stable microbiota, with potential enrichment of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria.

Such an imbalance can lead to impaired local, locoregional and systemic immune responses through the breakdown of mucosal barriers, alterations in cytokine signaling, inhibition of probiotic commensal bacterial colonization and proliferation of enteropathogens.

The InVyomma test provides individuals with essential information to help them make better-informed decisions about future health and wellbeing. InVyomma requires 4 stool Collection Tubes, 2 for the gut microbiome profiling, and 2 for short-chain fatty acids analysis. The experimental/analysis period is approximately 2-3 weeks, and the results are ready in 2-4 weeks days after sample arrival in laboratory facilities.

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