SNPs test

The SNPs test analyses a patient’s DNA to characterise how they would respond to treatment with common anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and anticoagulants.

Our SNPs test uses an advanced molecular biology technique called quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) to identify genetic variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). During the SNPs test, our scientists analyse DNA extracted from your patients’ blood cells and serum to identify specific SNPs associated with a response to certain drugs and treatments.

The SNPs test can identify specific SNPs that provide crucial information on how a patient will respond to anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and anticoagulants. The personalised profile we create can provide essential information when prescribing the most effective drugs and treatments for certain conditions.

The SNPs test is clinically validated and highly accurate. It is suitable for adults aged 18 and over. Results are processed and returned within 14 days.

Purpose of the test

The SNPs test provides a personalised profile of drug response and can play a crucial role in defining the most effective range of treatments for each patient.

Scientists performing the SNPs test isolate DNA from a blood or swab sample and use this as a template for qPCR reactions. During the SNPs test, we use specific TaqMan Probes for each single nucleotide polymorphism.

The results provide details of all SNPs present in a patient’s sample. We perform all reactions three times to ensure that the results are accurate. We conduct both positive and negative controls for every strain.

The final SNPs test report provides detailed and personalised information for each patient, including information on each polymorphism we have searched for and identified.

The SNPs test report will provide a clear indication of how successful a specific treatment is likely to be.

Useful information

On ordering the SNPs test, you will receive a sample collection kit in the mail.

In the box, you will find step-by-step instructions on the sample requirements (blood sample or swab) and details on how to return the sample to us. We have strict internal controls to ensure that all samples are protected throughout the process.

Results are processed and returned within 14 days.

Support and training

At Biocentaur, we provide ongoing training and support for clinicians on conducting tests and interpreting the results for patients. If you would like more information on the SNPs test or any of the Biocentaur range of advanced genetic tests, please visit our FAQs page or contact us.

Download a sample report of our SNPs test.

Our SNPs test costs £550.

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