SNPs test

Our SNPs test provides in-depth information about your patients’ responses to certain types of medical treatment. 

Using the latest techniques developed at our world-class facilities in Europe, our team of genetic experts analyse DNA extracted from your patient’s blood sample to identify variants or mutations, known as SNPs (pronounced “snips”), to determine their response to anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and anticoagulants.

Our SNPs test is appropriate for adults aged 18 or over who want help in identifying the best medical treatment for their condition. If your patient is feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms that are causing concern, further evaluation or diagnostic testing may be more appropriate.

We will send you a sample collection kit in the mail. The box will include step-by-step instructions on the sample requirements (blood sample or swab) and details on how to return the sample back to us. We aim to get all results back to you within seven to 12 working days from when we receive your sample. Visit Our tests page to find out more about each individual test or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Download a sample report of our SNPs test.

Our SNPs test costs £550.