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Can patients order tests themselves?

Yes, healthy adults aged 18 or over are able to order our PrediSpot test directly, or doctors can order it on their behalf, if they wish. Our PrimeSpot test, PaldiSpot test and SNPs test can only be ordered by a registered healthcare professional.

How long will my patients’ results take?

Results are processed and returned within 14 days.

How do I provide a sample?

We will send a sample collection kit in the mail. The box will include step-by-step instructions on the sample requirements (blood sample or swab) and details on how to return the sample back to us. Visit Our tests page to find out more about each individual test or contact us directly if you have any questions.

How do I register with Biocentaur?

We welcome new practitioners into our network. Please contact us to register and receive further information about induction and training.

When do I make payment?

Payments are made at the time of placing an order online. If you are an RGCC-registered doctor, you can order your tests directly using the RGCC doctors’ portal. If you are not an RGCC registered doctor and would like to register with us or order a test, contact us directly.

Does the cost of the test include shipping fees?

Yes, the final cost includes shipping fees.

Which couriers can I use to send samples to Biocentaur?

We have a partnership with DHL, FEDEX and TNT.

Do I have to sign any paperwork?

Some of our tests require a signed declaration form called a non-dangerous goods document. This is a safety form to guarantee that the sample being sent to us is not dangerous, harmful or a potential contaminant to public health. 

Do I need an import permit to send specimens?

Some of our tests require a document called an audit UN3373. This document indicates the origin of the sample and outlines any courier packaging and shipping precautions. It is required to import the biological substances in the samples to our facility in Greece.Biocentaur Ltd is committed to protecting our customer’s privacy and takes its responsibility regarding the security of customer information very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for full details.

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