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PrimeSpot genetic test

The PrimeSpot test detects and quantifies specific viruses and Lyme Disease-associated species in a blood sample.

When used in combination with our PaldiSpot test, the PrimeSpot test provides critical information that can inform the development of personalised treatments and therapies for Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and other medical conditions.

The PrimeSpot test is clinically validated and highly accurate. It is suitable for adults aged 18 and over. Results are processed and returned within 14 days.

Purpose of the test

During the PrimeSpot test, scientists analyse a sample of blood to screen for viruses and the presence of Lyme Disease-associated species.

Scientists use an advanced molecular biology technique called quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) to detect viruses and the presence of Lyme Disease-associated species accurately from our world-leading facilities in Europe.

The final report provides your clinician with crucial information on the presence of viruses, or Lyme Disease-associated species, and how much is present (called the quantification parameter).

They can use the information in the PrimeSpot test report to identify any medical conditions you may be suffering from and to personalise treatment.

Useful information

The PrimeSpot test requires a blood draw to be taken by a trained medical professional so can only be ordered through your clinician. 

Please download this letter and take it along to your next appointment. Results are processed and returned to your clinician within 14 days. 

Our PrimeSpot tests costs £1,000. When our PrimeSpot and PaldiSpot tests are ordered together, a 20% discount is applied.

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